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Oct 27, - If you consider yourself a "crier," then you probably have a lengthy list of seemingly emotionless triggers that have made you cry. Maybe a scene from the Lady Gaga documentary made you sweaty-eyed. Perhaps a photo of your nephew unexpectedly got you weepy. Or maybe you were in bed after sex and. Yes, Crying After Sex Is A Real Thing | HuffPost Lioness. Age: 30. Hi, i am bianca, a 24 year old stunning brunette with brown-green eyes, 5'6 tall with lovely long legs and a perfect 35b bust size. And if this release also involves shedding a few tears, there's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. Aug 7, - So, if not emotional issues, why do people find themselves crying after sex? The most common reason tends to be a chemical reaction associated with orgasm. During an orgasm, the brain releases a rush of oxytocin, the hormone associated with pair-bonding in mammals, which may feel overwhelming. Araya. Age: 29. Arriving in Munich in less than a week, and planning a short trip this time Why do people cry after orgasm? Sometimes tears just start pouring down my cheeks after really intense sex making the poor guy worry that he did something wrong when it's actually the complete opposite - I'm so overwhelmed with pleasure that I just have to cry haha. Other times I start laughing uncontrollably after I've had an orgasm for  Crying after orgasm.: sex. Nov 17, - Don't consider your sex education complete until you know Why We Sometimes Cry (or Laugh) After Sex. Perhaps it's your partner's insistence on humming Celine Dion songs during intercourse, but more likely it's a physiological reaction. "An orgasm instigates the release of powerful hormones, such as.

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Nadia. Age: 18. I am honest, passionate and very open minded person Jul 25, - When you're having sex, your body can release oxytocin (euphemistically referred to as the “cuddle hormone”), which can make your emotions feel even more intense. Your tears may simply be the result of biology — this is one of the reasons you might especially feel an urge to cry after orgasm. People cry with orgasms for lots of reasons, and not just with their first. Deeply loving orgasms -- orgasms that have involved a lot of build up, org. Nov 30, - There's also some confusion about whether or not crying after masturbation is considered a crygasm. For some people, a crygasm happens after climaxing, when one cries out of a sense of joy at fantastic sex, while others define it as reaching a climax by crying uncontrollably. No matter what your definition.


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