Birth marks on vagina region

Feb 28, - I am a23 yearbold female. I recently noticed a birthmark looking circle on the inside part of my labia majora i have not noticed any changes or pain in thw time i have had it. It is not black but it is dark close to a bruise. The mark is half the size of a lentil or smaller. I have always had birthmarks in this area but. Brown Birthmark-like spots near vaginal area? | Yahoo Answers Katrina. Age: 30. I can be classy, sophisticated, tease, professional, slutty, anything you want me to be for you The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Birthmarks can disappear too. Sep 2, - Vagina – there, we said it. While not your standard topic for dinner time conversation, gynaecological health is an important issue amongst women that is often brushed under the carpet and forgotten a. Nicolette. Age: 20. And play the favourite part in our game, as well as in a social meeting event Baby Birthmarks – Types, Causes, Risks & Ways to Remove When you say “beauty mark,” something that looks like a freckle comes to my mind. If we are both picturing the same thing, then I would say that it is not too uncommon to have one near or around the vaginal area. So, what to do about it? Watch it like any other mole or freckle (or beauty mark) that you have. Look for changes. Nov 7, - Dark marks in the vagina may be down to thinning fatty tissue as a woman gets older The marks seem to run in lines around my vulva with some small makings around my clitoris and further down towards the opening of the birth canal. I had had I have external cysts and abscesses in my vaginal area.

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Jynx. Age: 24. I'm an open minded, free-spirited and passionate woman who enjoys life, likes to meet new people and explore one another on many levels Apr 22, - Birthmarks on palms, soles and in the genital area are usually epidermal-dermal. 3 Complex Birthmarks often have a dark color, and in varying degrees, they usually rise above the level of the skin. Clusters of melanocytes are localized (located) on the border between epidermis and dermis as well as in. Dec 20, - It's interesting, that when human born, he has no birthmarks. They appear in life time, most intensive in age Birthmarks can be in different sizes and colors. Most frequently they are on tummy, back, but they can be on arms and legs, on face, in armpits, under nails and in genital areas. They are subjected. So study the area of location of your birthmarks as well as your mate's and children's. Birthmarks near the vaginal area denote sexual traumas from past-life experience and usually signify present-life traumas and disease in this area pertaining to sexuality, i.e. sexual promiscuity, rape, abortions, STDs.


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