Ejaculating in anus bad

Feb 8, - How safe is it to have your man ejaculate during anal, will it do any harm at all or is it is to allow ejaculation in the anal? (besides the risk of Thank you for all the feedback, My husband and I are new to anal sex and I had heard a long time ago that it was harmful to come in the ass. I am so happy to hear. SFCC :: Ask Dr. K : Men's Sexual Health - Health risk from semen in anus? Emmanuelle. Age: 22. So you'd like to know even more about me? I'll be delighted to oblige! I have green eyes, soft lips, shiny and silky long brown hair Sexual Dysfunction for men and women. Feb 1, - So I was never the one to jump on bored about anal sex EVER! but me and my boyfriend of a year decided to try it. none of us have ever tried anal before so we were a little bit nervous. After the first time he put his penis in I wanted to cry it hurt so bad. Well a plus with us as a couple is we both love having. Kerry. Age: 30. Hi guys! My name is Leilani and I am a smart young professional working a regular 9-5 by day Honey, We’ve Got A Leak: Anal Sex And Its Friendly Fluids My husband and I have been together for a few years and we have started practising anal sex. Recently he has started to ejaculate whilst still inside my anus. We are not sure if this can cause any is. She does not have to get it out right away, and as long as she is on birth control, any that might have seeped out or somehow ended up near her vagina could be a potential problem. Other than that, I see no problem or issue with cumming inside her butt. I personally love anal sex and have had cum shot in.

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Cinzia. Age: 26. together Nov 19, - QUESTION I always bareback (have unprotected anal sex) with my partner. We are monogamous, both HIV negative and STD-free. Since my boyfriend loves to ejaculate inside me, I am wondering whether there is any health risk from the cement left in my rectum? ANSWER No, there is no particular risk of. Feb 17, - Haha probably the funniest post I've come across in a while, no but seriously he shouldn't be cumming inside of your bum at all. end and didnt hurt so muchbut really hurt to begin with and can only describe the pain as a 'stinging' feeling, anyway he cummed while inside my bum after, could is that bad? Apr 25, - Now, cum in the butthole – notice how it just rolls off the tongue? It's a phrase that might send most into a teetering panic of “feelings” but it's an excellent question if one plans on having anal sex with a person who will potentially be ejaculating into your rectum. As far as feeling goes, it feels different for every.


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