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Not sure how to descibe this video.. Just watch. PS dont eat whilst watching it, you ve been warned:). Should I let my cat lick his balls after hes been neutered? Samantha. Age: 22. i`m Discret girl Treatment includes sedation pain medication , having a sterile urinary catheter placed, blood work to monitor electrolytes and kidney function, aggressive IV fluids to flush out the kidneys, and a urinary catheter for a few days to relieve the obstruction. Signs of a feline urethral obstruction include: My dog likes his balls rubbed. - Duration: 40 year old gamer 4, views ยท Jpana stray cat(Brown. Amirah. Age: 27. Samantha xxx Feline Urethral Obstruction: Why is My Cat Licking Down There? TIGGER AND KIWI LOVE THEIR NEW BALL! TIGGER AND KIWI SAY: PLEASE GIVE US A FIVE STAR RATING. Cat licking it's balls as we laugh our ass off.

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Taylor. Age: 24. I'm new out here in Atlanta Cat just got his nuts cut off and I was wondering if he should be able to lick it. Also hes really hungry and he wants to eat alot and I was wondering if I. It's a grooming and personal hygiene thing. As the genital area is a place in the body where infection is common, it's in their best interest to keep that area as clean as possible. I'm also not sure if they actually lick this area more than a. Sep 4, - We all know that dogs like to lick their balls and there's no smart excuse for it - it's just because they can reach them. Cats on the other hand, don't usually do this just for entertainment value. When you see cats licking down there, chances are it's because they're being hygienic. When you notice that Tigger.


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