Inserting an enema in the anus

How to Perform an Enema at Home. An enema is, by definition, the injection of liquid through the anus to motivate evacuation. Follow the same procedure — as featured in the cleansing enema section — of drawing the enema solution, inserting the solution, and removing the nozzle. The process is exactly the same. How to Use an Enema: Douching Before Anal Sex | MQ Lisa. Age: 26. Hi we are sarah & tjames. We're an exclusive young couple available for males, females and couples. So, if you're looking for a fun time, then look no further. We will indulge all age, gender and sexual preferences and offer a combination of eroticism and passion, live porn and threesomes! It is simple, no frills and gets the job done for not too much money. Assess the area and perform a digital rectal examination if this has not already been carried out. Break the enema seal. Lubricate the nozzle. Air should be expelled. Gently separate the buttocks, identifying the anus. Insert the lubricated nozzle into the rectum slowly to a depth of approximately 10cm (in adults) (Fig 3). Zoey. Age: 29. your blond angel with silk body. Open for many things. Just ask. I will be like your real girlfriend when going out or in our privacy. I am a happy and fun loving person and you will feel it. I will dress to your liking do take care of my body. You will be very happy to spend your precious time with me...pls telephone me... Enema Administration The rectal/colon enema tube is gently inserted as far as possible into the colon for a total cleaning of the entire lower intestinal tract. This rectal/colon enema tube is 30 to 60 inches long and 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter. A 30 inch long Rectal/colon tube will not reach the entire length of the colon. It takes at least a 60 inch long. Jan 24, - Enema administration is a technique used to stimulate stool evacuation. It is a liquid treatment most commonly used to when you get up to empty your colon. It's important to measure and mark your enema tube the first time you use it so that you do not insert the tube more than 4 inches into your rectum.

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Danielle. Age: 22. Visiting/travelling in europe & worldwide by prior agreements and pre-booked meetings only! How to give Enema - Medical Videos HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF AN ENEMA An enema is a great way to. privacy and dignity. The administration of an enema is a common healthcare procedure, which can be used to deliver medication or aid bowel evacuation. >The administration of an enema should be undertaken by a competent nurse. >An enema is a liquid preparation inserted into the rectum. >The nurse must explain the. Insert Your Enema. Gently slide in the tip of the enema with a bit of lube on the tip so that it is about an inch inside. When you are inserting, I recommend doing it over a toilet just to be extra cautious. Slowly press the enema bulb and as you do this the water will begin to go inside. How to use an enema squeeze ball.


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