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Jul 12, - Ian Kerner, the author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, says that if you interpret "vaginal orgasm" as achieving orgasm from penetration alone, it's pretty damn rare. "Vaginal orgasms don't happen without some kind of clit stimulation. They can be enhanced with the. All the Orgasms You Can Have -- No Pressure! | HuffPost Porsha. Age: 20. I am a smart, elegant and very pretty sexy woman of 34 years Masturbation can increase sexual comfort and confidence by helping a person learn what feels good. Both probes measured the tiny changes in blood flow patterns in the area during different types of sexual contact to determine how the clitoral and vaginal complex responded. Sep 25, - Yeah, that basically sums up your clit. “Research shows it's clitoral stimulation, not vaginal stimulation, that is the powerhouse of the female orgasm,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. Want more great sex tips? Check out the Women's Health Big Book of Sex. Given that your. Connie. Age: 29. *Great sense of humor All the Orgasms You Can Have -- No Pressure! Apr 24, - Dear Alice,. What's the difference between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm? Is it only possible to have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse? If you can have a clitoral orgasm through other activity, but not intercourse, why is that? If your clitoris is stimulated during intercourse, will that give you a clitoral orgasm. Feb 1, - Because of this, some men and women have come to believe that vaginal penetration is the only way (or the most significant way) for a woman to gain sexual pleasure. This belief illustrates the male phallocentric fallacy.3 Contrary to popular belief, a majority of females find that stimulation of their clitoris is.

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Jewels. Age: 21. Hi There! Aug 25, - According to that same NeuroQuantology study, vaginal orgasms are achieved more through intercourse than clitoral stimulation, and are described as “whole body” and longer-lasting than clitoral orgasms. Women who report having vaginal orgasms may also be more likely to experience multiple orgasms. Dec 10, - If you remember nothing else, remember that 70% of women need some kind of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Historically, Freud said that the only mature orgasm was a “vaginal orgasm.” Later, feminists fought for the clitoris, contending that there was no such thing as a vaginal orgasm. Dec 30, - Although sexual arousal precedes orgasm in women, the specific sexual stimulation that triggers orgasm varies greatly among women. Women reach orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation, indirect clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation or stimulation of internal areas surrounding the vagina. Some women.


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