Anal clear liquid discharge

Causes of Anal Leakage. If you are dealing with the problem of leaking anus, then you need to ask this question. What type of fluid is leaking from there? This is biggest hint about the cause of leakage. Types of Leaking Fluids. Mucoid/ Clear Fluid It could be a transparent looking, slimy, mucoid discharge, coming out of the. Itchy bottom | Pruritus ani | Bowel condition | ACPGBI Zafira. Age: 30. As an open & internationally minded, spicy and freakish person Anal warts are irregular, verrucous lesions caused by human papilloma virus. Dec 5, - diarrhea or constipation; soreness and blistering around the target area, which is the anus; a higher susceptibility to infections during treatment; fatigue; loss of appetite; nausea or vomiting; mouth ulcers or sore mouth; loss of hair; narrowing and dryness of the vagina; a low white blood cell count, increasing  ‎Symptoms and signs · ‎Causes · ‎Treatment · ‎Outlook. Misty. Age: 20. hi turkish girl dating escort masal Clear mucous discharge Oct 11, - Rectal Discharge Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Videos, Forums, and local community support. Find answers to health issues you can trust from Dec 1, - So yesterday I felt like my anus was feeling a little moist the entire day. It was clear liquid. Then, when the evening came, when i farted, some clear mucous came with it. No stools, just a small amount of mucous. Enough for me to have to go to the bathroom and clean it. As far as I can see, there is no fluid leakage and odor - Gas / Flatulence / Bloating.

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Marianne. Age: 28. I am going to hotel invitations only Oct 6, - Water leaking from anus or rectal discharge is a condition that is defined as the release of any kind of discharge in the anus that is neither blood nor stool. These discharges happen for several reasons and sometimes are symptoms of underlying medical conditions like those that involve the large intestines. Apr 11, - When this occurs I first experience a strong itch in my anus. I then pass some stools but I then experience a discharge of a clear liquid that has a fish like smell and a slippery feel. I guess that it may be strongly acidic because it causes strong itching to the point where the skin around the anus becomes weak. I've noticed recently there seems to be yellow leaking from my anus? It's not like a One of the symptoms of IBS is mucus - a yellowish white colour and sometimes clear. Could this be what . If you are on any of the above medicines, did the yellow leakage start after you started that medicine? I took Zantac.


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