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Aug 22, - If you've experienced pain or discomfort during penetration, you may be concerned your vagina is too small or too tight for sex. The truth is, it's not. Almost no vagina is too tight for intercourse. Sometimes, however, you have to help prepare a bit more for penetration. In its unaroused state, the vagina is three. The opening to my vagina is tiny ? | Yahoo Answers Brooke. Age: 25. it We ask you to do this for several reasons: And we can't repeat sex later on. Heloo sir my proble is that i am still virgin bacause whenever i want to intercourse with my partner it is very hard for me to enter penis in my vagina, most time my partner tried but we fail to katsuragiyuki.info i want to know is my vagina hole is small or some other reason?please tell me how i will feel this sexual feelings in my life. Emmanuelle. Age: 27. see you sooner Sex Q&A: Is My Vagina Too Tight? Oct 27, - Going into my relationship with my boyfriend, I was a virgin and he was not. I had been told in the past by my gynecologist that I have a very small vagina. It has never been easy inserting tampons or even my boyfriend's finger. Every time we've tried to have sex, he can't get in me at all. What can we do. May 7, - But just know that having a "too small" vagina isn't really something you need to worry about. That said, in very rare cases, a woman can be born with much thicker hymenal tissue (an imperforate hymen) or you may have remnants of the hymen in your vaginal opening, which could actually make things tight.

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Jaelyn. Age: 29. 2 HOUR 900 TL+TAXI Very small vaginal opening. What are the possible causes of very small vaginal opening? I am 23 years old and already married. My husband and I are recently having this problem. We are not able to 'make love' due to my very small vaginal opening even a finger cannot get in. P Womens Health. Jun 4, - Learn more about problems associated with a small vagina hole. How to naturally make vagina hole bigger. Tips to make bigger vaginal hole and deal with. Feb 21, - lol, okay it sounds normal to me when I first started my period (also at 14) I tried to use the slim tampons (the teeniest ones they make) and it was nearly impossible. You will loosen up as you get older and have more periods. But if you are thinking of having sex then it def. would hurt (and you should wait.


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