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Apr 13, - I'm used to strangers addressing me simply because they want to pay me a compliment about my hair; therefore I have no problem doing the same to someone else when I like their outfit or a speech they Daughter no.2 came out a strawberry redhead but has since gone blonde, and no.3 is mousy brown! 7 Things A Mom Has Said To Her Redhead Daughter — How to be a Redhead Eve. Age: 30. Hello my dear gentlemen!!! Baby curling iron must be sold next to the baby hair dye. May 5, - My mom use to tell me all the time, "baby wear your red hair as a crown of glory, it's beautiful and so are you" I love being a redhead! And I lived my mom for maki,g me feel special even when I got teased about my curly red hair. Gretchen • 2 years ago. I have a beautiful redheaded daughter and two. Marina. Age: 18. *couple friendly My Daughter, the Redhead Jan 28, - A DNA testing group will offer parents a chance to discover if they carry the recessive gene for red hair. Oct 15, - This is the scenario in my own family: I have brown hair and probably do not carry red-causing MC1R polymorphisms. Ginger: A name used for redheads, most commonly used in the U.K. The cartoon series South Park satirized the persecution of redheads with a genocidal campaign against "ginger.

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Claudina. Age: 26. spicy and daring Nov 25, - Please, I use lavender oil in her room to keep her calm this mama does NOT play. Save. From now on, I shall happily refer to these three as my majestic unicorns. And continue to answer all of the questions. all of my redheads Save 11 of the most awesome things about being a mom of redheads Save. Red Hair Genetics Since both copies of your MC1R gene need to be the red hair versions (rr) to become a redhead, the following possible situations can result in redheaded offspring: 1. Both parents are carriers. As shown in this punnett square, father (yellow) and mother (pink) contribute one of two possible alleles (R or r). I know how it it works, my lover is redheaded and I'm blonde, and red is recessive and so I'll have to be a carrier or a red gene to have a 50/50% chance of having a redheaded recessive baby. but in reality, I'm curious of the couples out there with one red My daughter is a brunette, my son is a redhead.


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