Small hole above the anus

Hi. I recently found a small hole just above my anus and I'm worried that it could be something serious. The hole itself is about 1mm wide and has recently started to weep and bleed a small amount. I've looked on the Internet to see if I can find out what it is and I think it could be a polinodal cyst, but I'm really not sure. Small Hole Above Anus? - Mens Conditions Forum - eHealthForum Bethany. Age: 22. Give me a try, and you will love it Wow I have been made fun of bc of this all my life by the few people that Ive told that I have what I say is ;2 butt holes lol. Evey once in awhile it hurts and bleeds. She has had more rashes back there near her tailbone then before and she always has a little poop that gets in there. Is there anything I A little hole at the base of the tailbone is called a sacral dimple or a sacral pit. Some of these . I assumed this was due to a bruised tailbone and checked for bruising above my anus. Christina. Age: 24. Do you want to spend time in the company of a beautiful and sexy girls? Small Hole Above Anus? Feb 17, - Fissure - usually on or near anus opening -very small. Pilonidal cyst - usually same hole with noticable pain caused by cyst or other abscess. Causes for sinus: generally unknown but typical patient has thick or abundant hair, prolonged sitting periods or lack of blood flow to that region. Other: generally has. Jan 9, - My grandaughter has a small hole above her butt crack. There is no discharge, it doesnt get bigger, but doesn't decrease either. What should I do and should we be concerned? A sacral dimple or pilonidal dimple is a small hole located just above t.

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Joclyn. Age: 25. I am 175 cm tall,black long hair, green magic eyes, . I am available not only for wild sexual experience, but for rendezvous to accompany gentleman to social events, dinners etc. Too.) i am non smoker and don't drink alcohol.i like sports, welness and adrenalin.i love classical symphonic music and trance music. Jul 29, - It's hard to see, but there is a tiny little hole there, sometimes it's accompanied by a dip. Most people associate the I'm 19 and i have 2 holes, but I have no lump, no pain, just some drainage once every month or so. I'm very . Incision is bigger goes all the way to my anus and takes longer. Don't let it come. Apr 21, - My boyfriend has noticed a small hole above his anus. Jan 18, - I found a small hole near my anus. You have a hole. Ok, is anything coming out of it? If so, what is coming out. Puss? Blood? Fecal matter? Are you passing gas through it? You really need to have it looked at Somewhere up above that something wanted out of your body, whether an abscess or cyst.


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